Our team has been solving complex data management and integration challenges for more than 25 years, and have witnessed the major transformative power of integration and automation platforms for businesses.

FRAMEmethods was formed in 2020 with a focus on guiding and enabling businesses with integration tools and methods as a key alternative to consolidations and over-customization of endpoints.

Taking our collective experiences in both commercial and nonprofit work, we are bringing our expertise to the integration and automation space and are eager to help you with your process and optimization challenges.

Thomas Groden

Co-Founder, Principal

Thomas began his career in data systems in 1990 after leaving his home of Chicago for a life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has over three decades of experience in systems design and integration, data conversions and technical team management. He has worked with large and small organizations, corporate and nonprofit. He is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Economics. His personal interests include languages, philosophy, art history and gardening.

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Jason Gardy

Co-Founder, Principal

Jason is a system architect, engineer, and operations expert with over two decades of experience designing integrated knowledge management systems. His professional experience has centered around the architecture, governance, and functional extension of large constituent relationship management databases. He has extensive experience designing, building, and extending data warehouses to amass information from disparate operational data stores to enable more comprehensive reporting and data analysis. His personal interests include wrenching on cars and motorcycles, and counts Edd China amongst his personal heroes.

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Joseph Speciale

Director – Architecture

Joe is a Senior Business Systems Analyst with a wide range of technical skills and 25 years of experience. He possesses an in-depth understanding of business processes and data as well as an ability to design and deliver robust solutions. His refocus on cloud based systems development in the non-profit sector brings a deep understanding of the distinctive data and development characteristics of these systems. His personal interests include kayaking, racket sports (primarily squash), and chess.

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